3 Simple Ways To Kickstart Your Day

If, like me, you find getting out of bed in the morning a struggle, and perhaps it felt like you only just got to sleep when the room starts booming with the terrifying sound of the dreaded alarm clock, then these are my simple yet effective measures that just might help get you up and about...

A good night’s sleep often eludes me, purely because I find it hard to switch off from either my day at work or my busy family life. I find myself staring at the ceiling thinking about all of things I still need to do and worrying unnecessarily.

I have found that some alleviation to this can be made by way of simple preparation before I climb into bed. 

Bedtime prep 

Get everything ready the night before. 

It’s no fun to try and get out of door when you realise that essential items have gone for a “walkabout” and find yourself scrabbling around looking for lost spectacles wedged down the side of the sofa.

Get clothes and bags ready (in my case this involves for the whole family). Lay everything out the night before. If you are super prepared you could even lay the breakfast table!

Also (if it applies) try to delegate so that your partner or children have their own responsibilities in the morning such as clearing the breakfast things away. All of this saves me precious time in the morning, but also a calm and collected morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. 

Waking up

I hate to say it, but get rid of that snooze button and give yourself the extra time to get up.

Firstly, snoozing only makes you groggier and prolongs the agony of waking up, and secondly getting up earlier I find gives me those few extra minutes to acclimatise before my hum drum day starts.

I know I’m not alone with finding winter starts the hardest. Those dark mornings make getting out of bed far less appealing so having natural daylight to wake to when possible is key for me. Keep those curtains or blinds cracked to allow the light to creep in or you could invest in a ‘Light Alarm Clock’. These artificial lights mimic sunrise giving a gradual and gentle wake up. 

Kick start

It’s got to start with a good cup of coffee, hasn’t it? Nobody - and I mean nobody - can talk to me before then. It’s a staple requirement and then, and only then, can I function.

Everyone has their ‘kick start’ - be it a hot shower, a hearty breakfast or a cup of ‘Rosie Lee’. Indeed it could be all of it. However, the one thing I try my upmost to pack into my routine is exercise.

Hear me out - I know there maybe factors why this isn’t for everyone but I never feel better and more prepared for the day than when I have got those endorphins pumping from a morning run. I absolutely love running in the morning, it energises me for the day ahead, gives me my thinking time to prepare and I honestly feel a better person for it. 20 minutes is all I need and I am set!

Test to see what works for you

It took me a while to find my “happy medium” of finding the best way to start my day. It certainly didn’t happen overnight.

Circumstances change all the time and therefore my routine sometimes needs a tweak. It’s all about adapting and doing what is ultimately best for you. 

* The above article is not a medical opinion on suffering with sleep deprivation. Should you be experiencing any such issues, please seek help from your GP. 

Posted on August 5th 2019

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