It's What We Do

Our services include hotel accommodation with a choice of room type options. Flexible workspaces with tiered membership and day passes.  And of course a place to eat, serving delicious meals throughout the day for guests, members and the community.

 About Us

WORK & LEISURE have changed fundamentally. Cities are increasingly full of entrepreneurial freelancers, long distance commuters redefining the working week & constantly connected business travellers blending earning with exploring. For these pioneers we created CITYSPACE; a place to Sleep, Eat and Work. 


Our Eat, Sleep, Work concept at CitySpace makes your time in the city simpler + more productive


We design coworking clubs to inspire — not coworking spaces to endure


Never bland; we have a point of view & strong local roots


We help you experience the neighborhood & connect with your tribe

It's How We Do It

Our vision is rooted in creating SOPHISTICATED boutique spaces which are designed with CONSIDERATION and CHARACTER. To create strong supportive COMMUNITIES for our members along with GENEROUS flexible work spaces

For our guests intent on EXPERIENCING THE CITY, we strive to provide EFFICIENT but sleek and stylish GUESTROOMS. To maximise QUALITY OVER QUANTITY always ensuring that there is purposeful pared back design without compromising on comfort. 

A space for CitySpace customers to FOCUS, THINK, FEEL, PLAN, CREATE & EXPERIENCE what they want, how they want.

Good things come in 3’s

No gimmicks here, only pure love for our customers and what better  way to show it than by giving you all access to a great deal  when you book direct with us! So what do you get when you book direct??

Free ‘Breakkie’

That’s right is included, gratiz, 100% complimentary… No need to thank us , you’re most welcome!

 A ‘Lie In’!

Hit the snooze button for a while longer, because we are also giving you a late check out until 12 noon, it's no joke!

 Get the 'Job' done!

It doesn't get any better... a place to work as well. Our on site home from home office is all access free for you as our guest... go smash it!

Be SMART and Book DIRECT! 








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