Free 'Breakkie', a 'Lie in' & get the 'Job' done!

Good things come in 3's

No gimmicks here, only pure love for our customers and what better way to show it than by giving you all access to a great deal when you book direct with us!

 You will have your reward...

'Free breakkie!'

Thats right it's included, gratiz, 100% complimentary...

No need to thank us, you're most welcome!

 'A Lie In!'

Hit the snooze button for a while longer, because we are also giving you a late check out until 12 noon, it's no joke!

 Get the 'Job' done!

It doesn't get any better, a place to work as well!

Our on site home from home office is all access free for you as our guest... go smash it!


Posted by Admin on October 8th 2019

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